Todd Hirshorn founded consulting in 2000. As your technology, marketing and business partner, can help you achieve successful implementation and deployment of your web site, web application, software solution, online marketing campaign and product development. We enable you to add efficiency, business value and growth to your business.

Why should you consider Todd Hirshorn and

Our experience bridges the gab between your in house team and meeting future objectives. We provide clients with the momentum to get things done while still running your business. By limiting the number of clients we take on at any given time, we're able to deliver projects on time and provide a high level of client satisfaction.

Reasonable Prices.

Go ahead and shop around. You’ll find that our fees are competitive, especially when compared to in house staff. How do we do it? We're careful to take on projects where we have past experience. With over 15 years of software, web and marketing experience, we’ve helped businesses just like yours meet their goals faster, under budget and with clear return on investment. has experience!